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Licensed to Ill

After Rashon Nelson and Donte Robinson were arrested earlier this year for being in a coffee shop while Black, I decided that it was time for me to write my business plan. I have wanted to own a café (named ‘Black Coffee’) since the 90s. I have also wanted to be a DJ (sold a few House music cds), sell t-shirts (sold a couple through ‘Black Legacy Shop’), have a natural hair blog (the origination of the ‘Aphros’ logo), be an executive (currently CEO), and a bomb ass housewife (twice divorced but...). Done a little bit of everything, but I have never put my foot all the way in anything. But after the arrest of the two Black gentlemen for breathing in Starbucks, I realized I needed to put that dream (and MBA) in motion. And here we are...Aphros Coffee. 
When I was trying to come up with a slogan, a great friend asked me what do I want people to think or feel when they see my brand. My response was that we are “unapologetically Black.”  That meant I wanted to build a successful brand and business without practicing cultural assimilation. Racists are not my target market. I do not build for them, create for them or speak for them. I care deeply about justice, but my personal strategy is not to change hearts. That’s a job for the Higher power. I focus on dotting my I’s and crossing migh-ty’s (I did that on purpose). There are always barriers to being Black, as evident with the two gentlemen that I have mentioned.  I believe most people care about quality and service. I do have a point to prove, but it is not that Black is valuable. That is obvious. We are “Unapologetically Black Coffee,” and the first goal was to build Aphros Coffee on a solid foundation. 
Before selling one item, I invested in incorporating the business. Taxes, meeting minutes, annual reports, shares...I wanted to learn how to effectively operate a business and make as many mistakes as possible at the onset. I wanted to start above the ceiling. Therefore, the “Inc.” in Aphros Coffee, Inc. is legit. I also went through the City licensing process. That was where I knew I would hit a roadblock. I did have to switch up my business plan quickly by agreeing not to roast a thing, since I’m operating initially as a home based occupation and there are so many regulations around roasting. There goes that roasting training (temporarily), but it was not totally pointless. Over the course of three days, I learned how to use all five senses as it relates to coffee.  I joined the Specialty Coffee Association so that I could continuously train and grow my knowledge in this coffee business. Bottom line is Aphros Coffee, Inc. is fully licensed to operate. I take it all very seriously because it’s not just mine it’s “ours”.  We are “licensed to ill.”
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